Risk Insurance

Insuring against life’s unforeseen circumstances is an important part of your financial planning.

At Oxbrey Financial Group we can assist with a comprehensive needs and risk analysis to assist you in carefully selecting what type and level of cover best suits your circumstances.

Our independence ensures that you have access to a range of risk assessment tools and products from the world’s leading providers.

We examine critical criteria including features and benefits, pricing and the reputation and financial strength of providers to develop a range of options to meet your specific circumstances.


Estate Planning

Estate planning is too often overlooked when developing a financial and life plan. Like assessing risk, estate planning helps provide against unforeseen circumstances to ensure that your finances and assets are protected and dealt with in the manner you envisaged and intended.

By working with your solicitor Oxbrey Financial Group can assist with developing, establishing and keeping current your estate plan through a will and where appropriate powers-of-attorney.