Managed Investments

There is literally thousands of Australian and international managed investment funds and schemes to choose from. At Oxbrey Financial Group we have the experience and industry knowledge to assist you in selecting which, if any, managed investments might be right for you.

Most critically, we have true independence when it comes to reviewing and selecting managed investments for our clients.

Direct Equity Investments

Even in times of market turmoil, with the implementation of appropriate strategies, investing in direct equities can deliver capital growth, an income stream and provide liquidity that enables you to deal with arising circumstances. However, at Oxbrey Financial Group we believe the days of holding a broad portfolio and waiting for the market to rise as a whole are behind us. Today more than ever direct equities investing is about well researched stock picking and carefully structured and timed entry and exit points. Thats why we team with leading equity advisors and research houses to help you get the most out of direct equities. We can develop and help manage your direct equity investments as part of your personal portfolio holdings and/or through helping you take control of your superannuation through establishing a private or self-managed superannuation fund.