Financial Planning

At Oxbrey Financial Group helping you to create, manage and protect your wealth is our primary focus.

Our advisors work with you to carefully and thoughtfully analyse your current circumstances, assess and develop goals and objectives and develop and implement strategies to assist you to achieve the outcomes that you desire.

We can assist with full financial and life planning or if you prefer we can target specific and limited aspects of your finances such as superannuation or risk management.

Whilst we offer access to the world’s leading product providers we are not beholden to them and neither should you be. We offer you advice and solutions that are focused on you and your circumstances not solutions that work for some remote head-office or parent company.

At Oxbrey Financial Group you get quality advice that counts!

Retirement Planning

At Oxbrey Financial Group we view planning for your retirement as one of the most vital aspects of financial planning. Our advice can assist to ensure that your assets, capital and income streams outlive you.

We can help you develop a strategy based around the lifestyle that you seek in retirement, providing practical advice that can help reduce the impact of inflation, generate competitive tax-effective returns and create an appropriate income stream in your retirement.


Central to your financial future is your superannuation. Its your money after all; and for many, superannuation is likely to be the primary source of income and therefore primary determinant of lifestyle in retirement. At Oxbrey Financial Group we believe that you should take control of your superannuation, not let your superannuation (and faceless, nameless fund managers) take control of you. Through carefully selection of fund managers and/or the use of private or self-managed superannuation funds where appropriate, we can help you get the most out of your superannuation in a tax-effective way as you plan for retirement

Taxation Management

Effectively managing taxation issues is a critical component of your financial well-being. In consultation with your accountant or taxation advisor Oxbrey Financial Group can assist you to ensure that you pay only what tax you must and that your affairs, assets and income streams are structured in the most tax-effective manner.

Debt Management

Effective debt management and appropriate use of debt is essential to any good financial or life plan. Oxbrey Financial Group can help you manage your debt-to-equity position by effectively managing and monitoring cashflow to take advantage of the time-value of your money to accelerate your wealth creation.

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